The mammalian brain: development and function

Ira Milosevic and Alessio Attardo (Göttingen and Munich)

The Schram Foundation, launched by Dr. Armin Schram in year 2000, supports basic brain research since more than 18 years.

The 6th Schram Foundation Symposium, traditionally held as a satellite event of the biennial meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, will showcase a selection of the most recently- funded projects. Two eminent international keynote speakers will enrich the scientific program. Highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of modern neuroscience, the program will feature research spanning molecular, cellular, circuit and behavioral levels.

Timothy Ryan from the Cornell Medical College will start the symposium with a keynote lecture discussing energy balance at synapses. Marisa Karow from the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich will focus on the transcriptional programs governing human neurogenesis. Tran Tuoc from the Medical Faculty, University of Goettingen will discuss the role of chromatin remodeling in the genesis of basal progenitors and cortical expansion. Martin Heine from the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology will discuss the role of the extracellular subunits of calcium channels in shaping neuronal connectivity. Andrew King from the University of Oxford will focus on the neural bases for adaptation to monaural deprivation. Alessio Attardo from the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich will discuss the role of hippocampal plasticity in memory acquisition and recall. Tara Keck from University College London will conclude the symposium with a keynote lecture considering the structural and functional properties of spines that undergo plasticity following sensory deprivation.

In addition, the symposium will host a posters session featuring the work of past and present grantees.

Attendence is free, but we need your registration to plan a poster session and a social event.